The William Byrd Singers music library is housed at our rehearsal venue, the Sale United Reformed Church, and its current custodian is bass Rob Kerr, who took over from John Handley in the summer of 2019.


The library is an immense privilege to take charge of -- not least because it contains many rare manuscripts of works either written for or commissioned by the William Byrd Singers. Foremost among these are the many pieces written, edited, or arranged by our founder Stephen Wilkinson. In addition to pieces such as Dover Beach, Three Elegies, and Betjeman’s Bells, the library is also home to commissions from composers such as Elizabeth Maconchy, and, as befits its name, a substantial array of early music from the likes of Gesualdo, Gabrieli, and Monteverdi.  Plus, of course, many pieces by William Byrd himself. Not to be sniffed at!


Keeping the library up to date is now much easier as everything is online. The master record is the source of truth for library operations, made possible by a final stock check and marrying of various sources by John Handley assisted by Colin and Alison Bates -- to them be all thanks and praise. They made possible the listings below, where you can find all of the material the librarian considers suitable for loan to other choral groups. This list is kept up to date, so please, if you see something that you think might suit your forces, send a request! We will be only too happy to assist. 

Rob Kerr, Librarian, Feb 2020

Rob Kerr, Librarian

William Byrd Library Hire Charges


  • £0.30 per copy per month for shorter works like part songs (e.g. a single piece from the Finzi Seven Songs);
  • £0.50 per copy per month for more substantial works of between 7 to 10 minutes (e.g. Howells's "Take Him, Earth, For Cherishing");
  • £1.00 per copy per month for longer works (e.g Vierne's Messe Solennelle, or Howells's Requiem);

Plus postage and packing in all cases.


Note that we do not charge for part months, which for practical purposes is anything two weeks and under. 

Apologies if you are viewing on a phone, but the layout is such that the catalogue is best viewed on a tablet or desktop.