An important legacy of the William Byrd Singers is the body of new compositions either commissioned for or directly by the choir, or resulting from our occasional Composers’ Competitions. The list of commissions and first performances is as follows:

Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash
  • 1970    David Ellis: Non nobis, Domine (WBS Commission)
  • 1977    Stephen Wilkinson: That Time of Year (first performance)
  • 1978    Sebastian Forbes: Four Poems (WBS Commission)
  • 1978    Elizabeth Maconchy: The Leaden Echo and the Golden Echo (WBS Commission)
  • 1979    James Wilson: The Rape of the Lock (WBS Commission)
  • 1980    Michael Ball: Sainte Marye Virgine (WBS commission)
  • 1980    Stephen Dodgson: Sir John (WBS Commission)
  • 1980    John McCabe: Siberia (Cork Festival Commission)
  • 1981    Margaret Lucy Wilkins: Gitanjali (WBS Commission)
  • 1983    Stephen Wilkinson: Dover Beach (first performance)
  • 1984    Gerard Victory: King Sweeney (WBS Commission)
  • 1987    Michael Ball: A maide so bright (first performance)
  • 1987    Alan Bullard: A Madrigal Book (first performance)
  • 1988    Stephen Wilkinson: Betjeman’s Bells (Bowdon Festival Commission)
  • 1989    Stephen Wilkinson: Some Psalms (first performance)
  • 1991    Mervyn Cooke: A Funeral for a Feathered Friend (Prize, WBS Young Composers’ Competition)
  • 1991    Graham Redwood: The Swans (Winner, WBS Young Composers’ Competition)
  • 1994    Graham Redwood:  The Peach Tree (first performance)
  • 1994    Graham Redwood:  The Flowering Forest (first performance)
  • 1995    Richard Rodney Bennett: Calico Pie (WBS commission)
  • 1996    Graham Redwood: Les plus beaux yeux du monde (first performance)
  • 1998    Alan Charlton: Earth, Sweet Earth (WBS Competition winner)
  • 2016    Keith Orrell: Exultet (first performance)
  • 2019    Stephen Wilkinson: The Singing will never be done (first performance)
  • 2019    Keith Orrell: The Sacrifice (first performance)
  • 2019    Ed Puddick: One Universal Shout (first performance)

Many of these works are available for hire from the Byrds’ library.